Pilot Target Area “Block 1” (1998-2007)

The NIP Pilot Program was targeted in the southern portion of census tract 315 utilizing Community Development Block Grant funding. The geographic program area included the area bounded by Orangeville Road (North), North Water Avenue (East), City of Sharon (South) and North Stateline Road (West). Major infrastructure improvements were undertaken on the following streets: W Park, Grove, Superior, Emmitt, Ashland, Ethel, Adelaide, Hazel, Riverview, Waverly, Crawford, Marshall, and Sheridan Streets.

In addition, improvements were made to the Patagonia Volunteer Fire Department facility, a recreational facility project was undertaken in the Orange Village Apartment Community and a joint paving project was successfully completed on North Stateline Road with Brookfield Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. The targeted investment approach was a success and the integrity of the neighborhood was protected as a result. Based on the success of the pilot initiative the city expanded the program and formalized a NIP strategy and criteria.