Target Area “Block 2” (2008-2012)

The neighborhood targeted for improvements included the area bounded by: Highland Road (north), North Buhl Farm Drive (east), State Street (south), and Boyd Drive (west). Major infrastructure improvements were undertaken on the following streets: Lyle, Cohasset, Richmond, Woodside, and Theota Drives, North Crescent, Todd and North Oakdale Avenues, and Westerman Street.

In addition, improvements were made to the Baker Run stormwater facilities including the expansion of the Town Plaza detention basin, the installation of the Theota Drive detention basin and the replacement of the State Street culvert. The city was able to develop partnerships with Aqua and National Fuel for over $500,000 of upgrades to their infrastructure systems in the area and leverage $1,500,000 of pedestrian and bicycle lane improvements to Buhl Farm Drive and Highland Road.