Target Area “Block 3” (2009-2011)

The neighborhood targeted for improvements includes: Rombold Road (north), Maple Drive (east), City of Farrell (south) and Mercer Avenue (west). Major infrastructure improvements were undertaken on the following streets: Rombold Road and Haywood, Mary, Paul, Madison, Delaware, Carolyn, and Stafford Streets.

Completed Projects

The following projects were completed:
  • Rombold Road Stormwater Improvement Project - Madison Street to Bobby Run - completed in June 2011 ($175,000 David Construction)
  • Rombold Road and connecting street paving project - completed January 2012 ($325,000 Youngblood Paving)
  • Rombold Road Stormwater Improvement Project - Mercer Avenue to Madison Street - completed August 2010 ($104,000 United Civil Contractors)