Public Input, Transparency & Accountability

The U.S. Department of Treasury Interim Final Rule 


“Implementation of the Fiscal Recovery Funds also reflect the importance of public input, transparency, and accountability. Treasury seeks comment on all aspects of the Interim Final Rule and, to better facilitate public comment, has included specific questions throughout this Supplementary Information. Treasury encourages State, local, and Tribal governments in particular to provide feedback and to engage with Treasury regarding issues that may arise regarding all aspects of this Interim Final Rule and Treasury’s work in administering the Fiscal Recovery Funds. In addition, the Interim Final Rule establishes certain regular reporting requirements, including by requiring State, local, and Tribal governments to publish information regarding uses of Fiscal Recovery Funds payments in their local jurisdiction. These reporting requirements reflect the need for transparency and accountability, while recognizing and minimizing the burden, particularly for smaller local governments. Treasury urges State, territorial, Tribal, and local governments to engage their constituents and communities in developing plans to use these payments, given the scale of funding and its potential to catalyze broader economic recovery and rebuilding.”


The City of Hermitage desires to engage the community on the use of ARPA funds. The funds that Hermitage will receive through ARPA will make a significant impact in our community, so it's crucial that we hear from the community as a part of the decision-making process. This helps ensure that the city aligns the use of the funds with the community priorities. The City of Hermitage will gather input from the community through various public meetings.


The public can also submit written comments by mail to:


City Manager's Office
 800 North Hermitage Road

Hermitage, PA 16148


(When submitting written comments please be sure to note the American Rescue Plan Act in the subject.)