Do I need to obtain a permit to own chickens?

Yes! The Backyard Poultry permit can be found here:  There are also additional regulations pertaining to backyard poultry which includes: 

  1. A site plan shall be required prior to the issuance of a zoning permit for Backyard Poultry. The site plan shall show all existing and proposed structures (coops, runs, etc.) and lot lines.
  2. Backyard Poultry shall be permitted as an accessory use to a single-family dwelling only. 
  3. The number of poultry birds permitted on any one lot is as follows:
    1. Lots up to 0.5 acres = 4 birds
    2. One bird for each additional 0.25 acres
    3. A maximum 12 birds shall be permitted on any one lot.
  4. All buildings, coops and enclosures for birds must be in the rear yard with a minimum of 30 feet setback from all property lines. 
  5. No mature roosters shall be permitted. 
  6. Killing or dressing of animals raised on the premises shall be permitted if conducted entirely within an enclosed building and disposed of properly.
  7. The keeping of poultry birds shall be permitted within a securely fenced and enclosed area. Only chickens and ducks may be permitted on the property; all other livestock and small farm animals are prohibited.
  8. All animal structures and roaming areas shall be kept sanitary and free from accumulations of animal excrement and objectionable odor.
  9. All animal feed shall be stored in a secured, rodent-proof container and housed within an enclosed structure.

Please contact Kristina Thomas, Assistant Director of Planning & Development, or Nathan Zampogna, Planning Technician 2 at 724-981-0800 if you have any additional questions. 

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