What are the regulations for fencing? Do I need a permit?

Section 409 of the Hermitage Zoning Ordinance includes fence regulations: 

A wall or fence under 6 feet in height and paved terraces without walls, roofs or other enclosures may be erected within the limits of any yard. Retaining walls, buffer strips and fences required for screening under this Ordinance are not subject to the 6 feet high limitation. The following standards for fences also apply:

  1. Fences required for recreational facilities such as tennis courts and baseball fields may be higher than 6 feet; provided, that they are constructed of open type fencing material, such as chain link. 
  2. No fence shall be permitted which obstructs a sight triangle measured 30 feet along the edge of any roadway and 30 feet along the edge of any intersecting roadway and/or driveway. 
  3. The sight triangle must be free of obstruction by any fence higher than 3 feet. 
  4. No fence shall be constructed within the legal right-of-way of any public street.
  5. Unless otherwise provided for herein, there is no required setback for fences constructed on the lot of any property owner.
  6. The finished side of a fence shall project outward to neighboring property owner(s).

Additionally, there is no permit required to install a fence on your property. For more information, please contact Kristina Thomas, Assistant Director of Planning & Development, or Nathan Zampogna, Planning Technician 2 at 724-981-0800. 

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