Housing Rehabilitation Program

Contact Information

To contact the housing rehabilitation office, send your name, street address, and daytime telephone number by email to Jeremy Coxe, Assistant Director, Planning and Development Department, or call at 724-981-0800, ext. 265 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Program Overview


  • Conserve energy and save money in utility costs
  • Encourage citizens to remain homeowners in the City
  • Housing Rehabilitation Program· Enhance occupant health and safety
  • Increase family, neighborhood and citywide pride by upgrading properties
  • Increase property values
  • Stabilize real estate market and prevent blight
  • Undertake public improvements to support the housing investment


All Hermitage homeowners who meet the standards are welcome to apply.
  • Applicants must be current with their county, city and school taxes and city sewer fees
  • Applicants must have homeowner’s insurance in effect on the rehab. property
  • Applicants must have title to the property and live in the dwelling to be rehabilitated
  • Applicants must meet HUD Section 8 Low/Moderate Income Eligibility
  • Homes are brought up to minimum Pennsylvania DCED Housing Quality Standards
  • Only city-approved general contractors may participate. Area contractors are welcome to apply for approval.
  • Properties are listed on a first come, first served order of accommodation
  • Rehabilitation funds are limited to $17,500 per property


Funds may be used for:
  • Basic property improvements (roofs, windows, doors, foundations, steps, sidewalks)
  • Necessary household fixtures (furnace, water heater, electric service and wiring, etc.)
  • Sanitary improvements
Funds may not be used for:
  • Acquisition of land
  • Materials or equipment not customarily used in the locality
  • New construction for expansion of a structure

Program History

Hermitage is currently in its twenty-third year of Housing Rehabilitation. All housing units are occupied by low-to-moderate income families including the handicapped. The total CDBG funds that have been allocated to the Hermitage Housing Rehabilitation Program is over $4 million over the past 30 years the housing rehabilitation program has been in established.