Floodplain Regulations

New Fema Flood Insurance Maps for Mercer County

In 1981, Hermitage adopted land development and building requirements for flood-prone areas of the City (“floodplains”), as defined by the National Flood Insurance Study and Maps, created by FEMA. By adopting these regulations, the City complies with the National Flood Insurance Program, and property owners or renters in the City are therefore eligible to purchase flood insurance. These regulations limit or control new development within flood-prone areas near designated streams and rivers, in order to protect persons and property from flood damage.

Floodplain Mapping & Flood Insurance Study

FEMA has recently completed updating the floodplain mapping and flood insurance study for all of Mercer County, and the new mapping will become effective on June 9, 2014. The City will adopt the new mapping and updated regulation language in May, 2014, in order to continue the City’s compliance.


In Hermitage, the new floodplain maps contain some significant changes from the original 1981 mapping. Floodplains are now identified in some areas where there were none before, and some current floodplain areas have been eliminated. In other areas, the boundaries of current floodplain areas are somewhat different from the prior mapping. This map is a general overview of the floodplain areas in Hermitage…. red are the “new” floodplain locations…. blue are the “old” ones. This map is just a guide.