Neighborhood Investment Program

The City’s Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) was strategically implemented in 2008 based on a pilot program undertaken from 1998-2007 in Census Tract 315 utilizing Community Development Block Grant funding. The City officials embraced the strategy recognizing that one of the core functions of local government is to provide and maintain a functionally sound infrastructure system and desired to develop a strategic, targeted program to invest in our community to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods.


The objective of the Neighborhood Investment Program is to systematically upgrade the City infrastructure, an area at a time in our older, established neighborhoods before deterioration begins by identifying the program areas, taking a comprehensive assessment of existing conditions including input from property owners and residents, determining needs and developing a work plan, funding sources and a timeline.

Program Outcomes

The anticipated program outcomes are to develop public/private partnerships where property owners and utilities work with the City on area improvements, such as upgrading and improving public facilities, and the residents continue to maintain or improve their properties maximizing property values and a high quality of life in our neighborhoods
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