Non-Owner Occupied Residential Program

The owner of each non-owner occupied structure or their designated local contact representative must maintain a residential or business address and telephone number on file with the City of Hermitage Fire Marshal’s Office. This registration is valid for one year. Subsequent registrations and fees will be due May 31st of each year thereafter. 

Any changes to the required information must be reported to the City of Hermitage Fire Marshal’s Office within 10 days of the change. This form may be utilized to report updated information. This form must be completed per Dwelling per Apartment/Unit within the dwelling  

All residential properties within the City in which the owner does not reside must comply with the licensing requirements of Ordinance 2-2019 unless the property does not qualify as a Dwelling Unit or if the property is otherwise subject to inspection by a government agency. Exempt properties must download the Non-Owner Occupied Residential Program Exemption Form to be completed and mailed to: 

The Hermitage Fire Dept., 2511 Highland Rd, Hermitage, PA 1648 or by email to:

Exemption forms must be signed and dated by the Property Owner or Property Management Company

For additional information, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 724-342-0669, email us or by clicking the ’Contact Us’ button on our website.

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    Physical Address
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    Fax: 724-981-7461
    Emergency Phone: 911

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