Water Pollution Control

Duties & Responsibilities

The Water Pollution Control Division of the Public Works Department is headed by the Superintendent, assisted by the Assistant Superintendent, and consists of sixteen employees, including a Laboratory Technician and an Environmental Operations Coordinator. It is located at the site of the Water Pollution Control treatment plant, 2133 Broadway Avenue.

The WPC Department operates and maintains the sanitary sewage treatment plant and City’s sanitary sewage collection system, consisting of main lines, manholes and pump stations which are owned by the Hermitage Municipal Authority and are leased to the City. It is also responsible for the enforcement of local ordinances and state and federal laws and requirements as they relate to waste water collection and treatment, the operation of private on-lot systems, and the general protection of the environment. The WPC Department works very closely with the Planning and Development Department and the Hermitage Municipal Authority.

Hermitage Municipal Authority (HMA)

The Hermitage Municipal Authority (HMA) provides sewerage collection, conveyance and treatment services to the City of Hermitage, the Boroughs of Clark and Wheatland, and the Townships of South Pymatuning, Shenango and Jefferson.

The Hermitage Municipal Authority owns and oversees the construction and management of the sewerage system that serves the City of Hermitage and the interceptor sewers, pump stations, forcemains that convey wastewater from adjoining municipalities to which treatment services are provided at the HMA waste water treatment plant.

Hermitage Municipal Authority System

The Hermitage Municipal Authority's system, as of 2008, is comprised of approximately 150 miles of collection and interceptor sewers ranging in diameter from eight to 36 inch diameter VCP, PVC, RCP and DIP lines; pressure sewers ranging from 1.5 to two inches in diameter PVC lines; forcemains ranging from two to 16 inches in diameter PVC and DIP lines and 15 pumping stations ranging from 80 GPM to 1,750 GPM.

Daniel Drive & Magargee Run Sewerage Systems

In 2009, the Daniel Drive and Magargee Run sewerage systems were connected to HMA’s sewerage system. The Magargee Run sewerage system provides sewerage service to Jefferson Township.

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