Weather Sirens

Purpose of Weather Sirens

The severe weather warning sirens are activated when the national weather service issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Tornado Warning that is going to impact our area. Siren Duration - You will hear the siren sound for 1 minute, be silent for 1 minute and then sound again for 1 minute and be silent for 1 minute and then sound again for 1 minute. This is one cycle that will last a total of 5 minutes.

What to Do When You Ear Weather Sirens

Residents hearing the sirens should tune in to their local TV stations to determine what the weather emergency is and how it may impact them. Residents can also tune to 1610 am on their radio and listen to the NOAA Weather Radio Report. This is a 24 hour a day broadcast that reports the local weather affecting our area and surrounding communities. The Hermitage Weather Siren System is a joint community system. A total of six sirens are placed throughout the City of Hermitage. The City of Farrell and Boroughs of Clark, Sharpsville, Wheatland and West Middlesex add another six sirens to the system for a total of 12 sirens. When activated, these sirens sound together providing an alert to all the communities.
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