Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

Adopted Ordinances

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code is the State legislation which empowers cities and other local governments to plan their development and to govern land use by adopting zoning ordinances, subdivision and land development ordinances, and by other methods contained in the Code. The Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance is adopted and amended by the Hermitage Board of Commissioners, after recommendations by the Hermitage Planning Commission and Mercer County Regional Planning Commission, and after a Public Hearing in accordance with the procedures dictated by the Code. The ordinance contains the design standards, procedures and other requirements for Subdivision Plans and Land Development Plans within the City of Hermitage.

Subdivision Plan

A Subdivision Plan is required for the division or redivision of any parcel or tract of land. This could range from a large housing development of many lots to a simple lot split conveying a small parcel to a neighbor.

Land Development Plan

A Land Development Plan is required for most non-residential developments and additions, and for multi-family residential developments. Land Development Plans include a property boundary survey, proposed building locations, grading, stormwater management, utilities, parking, landscaping and other relevant site development information.

Pennsylvania Registered Surveyor

Property owners considering a subdivision or a land development will need to hire a Pennsylvania Registered Surveyor to prepare their plan, and also possibly a Pennsylvania Registered Engineer or other design professional, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.


Subdivision Plans and Land Development Plans must also meet the requirements of the Hermitage Zoning Ordinance, the Hermitage Stormwater Management Ordinance, and all other applicable local, state and federal regulations. All Subdivision and Land Development Plans must be reviewed and approved by the Hermitage Planning Commission, the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission and the Hermitage Board of Commissioners, and recorded at the Mercer County Recorder’s Office.

More Information

Paper copies of the current City of Hermitage Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance are available at the Hermitage City Building, 800 North Hermitage Road, Hermitage PA for $25. More specific information regarding Subdivision Plans and Land Development Plans, meeting schedules and related information can be obtained by contacting the Planning and Development Department.